9 Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

ideas traveller

The Tahoe Treetop ropes course is a thrilling adventure that will take you high up in the air amongst the trees.  

With 245 trails and over 30 lifts, it's a dream come true for skiers and snowboarders alike. 

This 2.4-mile cable car route takes you high above the gorgeous landscape of Lake Tahoe and offers panoramic views.

Chartering a private boat from Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe is the ultimate luxury experience.  

Rent a jetski and roar through the calm waters of Lake Tahoe for an exhilarating experience unlike any other.  

From high above, you'll be able to take in panoramic views of the crystal clear water and lush green forests that surround it.  

A bike tour around Lake Tahoe is an incredible way to explore the area's on-land attractions. 

Parasailing allows you to experience a unique perspective of Lake Tahoe that cannot be achieved from land or water alone. 

Fallen Leaf Lake is a hidden gem of Lake Tahoe that offers a peaceful escape from the crowds.