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Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake

Nestled in the heart of Anmore, British Columbia, Canada lies a hidden gem known as Buntzen Lake. This 4.8-kilometre-long lake is surrounded by lush green mountains and heavily wooded surroundings that make it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. The scenic rocky shore provides visitors with a picturesque view that is simply breathtaking.

Managed by BC Hydro, this 4.8-kilometre-long lake is not only visually captivating but also offers an array of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking trails, picnic areas and a beach for swimming. With its surface area spanning over 1.82 km², Buntzen Lake is truly a picturesque sight to behold.

The lake has an average depth of 30 meters and a maximum depth of 65 meters, making it perfect for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. If you’re looking to relax on the shore, there are plenty of picnic areas at both the North Beach and South Beach sections. With its good parking spot and several amenities available on site such as washrooms & showers, this popular destination attracts visitors from all over during sunny weekends.

The vibrant atmosphere surrounding this beautiful lake makes it an ideal location to soak up some sun rays or cool off in its clear blue waters. Buntzen Lake is a thriving habitat for an abundance of wildlife species. One might spot the majestic American black bear grazing through the forested area surrounding the lake or catch a glimpse of the graceful Black-tail deer frolicking in the underbrush.

The American crow can be heard cawing in nearby trees, while Coyotes lurk in silence around their prey. The playful Squirrel scurries along tree branches and leaps to and from trees with ease.

Buntzen Lake Recreation Area

Nestled just north of Anmore and only a 45-minute drive east of Vancouver sits the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area, a popular family summer getaway. The crystal clear waters of the lake are surrounded by forested mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop for your day at the beach. The sandy shore is perfect for lounging in the sun or building sandcastles with the kids.

Whether you want to take a refreshing dip in the lake, launch your boat for a day on the water, or enjoy a picturesque picnic with family and friends, this park has got you covered. And if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for some adventure, there are also plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore.

Buntzen Lake Recreation Area is a haven for water lovers who enjoy paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking. With its calm waters, scenic surroundings, and well-maintained facilities such as car-top boat launch, canoe launch and dock; it’s an ideal spot to spend a day on the lake.

Paddleboarders can explore the lake’s shoreline while admiring the majestic trees that surround it. Canoe enthusiasts can navigate through its peaceful waters with ease while taking in breathtaking views of the mountainside. Kayakers will find themselves fully immersed in nature as they glide across Buntzen Lake’s serene waters. The recreation area offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures with friends or family members.

Buntzen Lake Beaches

The lake features two stunning beaches – South Beach and North Beach that cater to different preferences. Both beaches offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains that make this area such an incredible destination.

Buntzen Lake – South Beach

Buntzen Lake - South Beach

At the south end of Buntzen Lake reservoir lies a hidden gem known as South Beach. This popular spot on hot weekends offers cool waters, perfect for swimming and other water activities. There’s also a covered picnic shelter where you can enjoy your meals while taking in the stunning views of the lake.

For pet owners, there are designated dog run areas to ensure that your furry companions can also have some fun in the sun. Canoe rentals are available for those who want to explore more of the lake’s beauty from a different perspective.

Washrooms with potable water are also available for convenience, ensuring that your day by the lake is comfortable and stress-free. It should be noted that no power boats are permitted on this part of the lake.

The peaceful and serene surroundings make it an ideal place to spot geese, ducks, and other wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Buntzen Lake – North Beach

Buntzen Lake - North Beach

At the north end of Buntzen Lake lies a hidden gem that is popular on hot weekends. The sandy beach provides a perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun while enjoying the cool water.

One of the most unique features of this beach is that no power boats are permitted in its waters, creating a peaceful atmosphere for swimmers and kayakers. There are also plenty of picnic areas available for those who prefer to relax on land.

The North Beach boasts many trails suitable for hiking, biking or even horseback riding. And let’s not forget about fishing – an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages while surrounded by stunning mountain views.

Hiking/Walking Trails in Buntzen Lake Recreation Area

The Buntzen Lake Recreation Area is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering some of the most scenic hiking and walking trails in British Columbia. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner looking for a leisurely stroll, Buntzen Lake has something to offer everyone.

Buntzen Lake Trail

Trail Length- This is a 10.5-km trail that takes on average 2 hour 55 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Moderate trail

Buntzen Lake Provincial Park is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts looking to explore breathtaking trails and observe a variety of bird species. The park boasts well-maintained hiking and running trails that are open year-round, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities any time of the year.

As several suspension bridges near North Beach sway in the gentle breeze, hikers can enjoy the stunning views of Buntzen Lake. The trail to the beach is well-maintained and offers good conditions for all levels of hikers. The terrain provides lots of variety, from flat stretches to steep inclines that challenge even seasoned hikers.

Diez Vistas and Lake Buntzen Loop

Trail Length- This is a  15.1-km trail that takes on average 5 hour 15 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Hard trail

Diez Vistas and Lake Buntzen Loop is a very popular area for hiking and running, attracting thousands of visitors every year. This well-marked and established trail has it all – from stunning views of the surrounding mountains to waterfalls and beautiful old growth forests. The best times to visit are between May through October when the weather is mild, making for an enjoyable outdoor experience.

The Diez Vistas and Lake Buntzen Loop is a challenging hike that offers breathtaking views of the Indian Arm. The trail was very long, but it is definitely worth the effort once you reach the top. If you’re planning on embarking on this adventure, make sure to wear appropriate footwear because some parts of the trail can be slippery or rocky.

Diez Vistas Trail to Vista No. 1

Trail Length- This is a 8.2-km trail that takes on average 3 hour 30 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Hard trail

The Lakeview trail is a popular choice for hikers of all levels, and with good reason. This beautiful trail offers stunning views of Buntzen Lake from the west side, and it’s open year-round. Even in the winter months when other trails are covered in snow, you can still enjoy a hike on the well-marked and maintained Lakeview Trail without any worry.

One of the best things about this trail is that it stays dry throughout most of the year, so you don’t have to worry about slogging through mud or getting your feet wet. The terrain is relatively flat compared to some other hiking options in the area, making it an excellent choice for families with kids or beginner hikers who want to enjoy nature without too much effort.

Diez Vistas and Buntzen Lake Forest Loop

Trail Length- This is a 17.4-km trail that takes on average 6 hour 20 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Hard trail

Diez Vistas and Buntzen Lake Forest Loop is a popular area for hiking in British Columbia. The best times to visit are from March through October. During this time, the weather is mild and there are fewer chances of rain, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking.

One of the highlights of this area is North Beach washroom facilities which provide hikers with comfort during their hike. This trail boasts beautiful scenery with lots of peaks that offer stunning views throughout the hike.

It’s important to note that rocks can get slippery after rainfalls due to moisture build-up. So if you plan on hiking during rainy days or immediately after rainfall, make sure you exercise caution while walking along the trails.

Lakeview and Buntzen Lake Trail Loop

Trail Length- This is a 11.7-km trail that takes on average 3 hour 38 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Moderate trail

The Lakeview and Buntzen Lake Trail Loop is a popular trail for hiking enthusiasts, but unfortunately, it’s not well maintained. Despite this minor setback, the trail still manages to attract hikers due to its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

If you’re planning on taking this route during the summer months, be sure to bring plenty of water as temperatures can soar. However, one saving grace of the trail is that there are washroom facilities available at North Beach – a much-needed amenity after a few hours on foot.

One highlight of this hike is crossing over the suspension bridge located at the north end. It makes for an exciting experience with stunning views down below.

Eagle Bluffs Trail

Trail Length- This is a 6.9-km trail that takes on average 2 hour 38 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Moderate trail

The Eagle Bluffs Trail is undoubtedly one of the most popular trails for hiking and running. The trail is open year-round, providing ample opportunities to explore its beauty in every season. The highlight of this trail is the breathtaking view from the top that makes all the effort worth it. However, caution needs to be exercised as it can get quite slippery on the way up and down.

Fishing in Buntzen lake

Buntzen Lake, with its impressive size of 156.9 hectares, is a great spot for fly fishing enthusiasts. The lake boasts an abundance of rainbow trout that are best caught during spring and fall when water temperatures are ideal for their feeding patterns. For those who enjoy the thrill of casting from a pier or dock, Buntzen Lake offers plenty of opportunities to do so.

With its calm waters and scenic views, it makes for the perfect setting to spend a day out on the lake reeling in some fish. The rainbow trout found in Buntzen Lake typically measure between 12 and 14 inches or weigh around 250 grams.

Buntzen Lake is home to a diverse range of aquatic species, making it an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts. The lake’s crystal clear waters are populated by several trout species, including Coastal Cutthroat Trout and Cutthroat Trout. Kokanee, a type of freshwater salmon, can also be found here in abundance. Largescale Suckers and Northern Pikeminnows are two other types of fish that call Buntzen Lake their home.

Best Time to Visit

August and June are two of the best months to visit Buntzen Lake for several reasons. Firstly, the weather during these months is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and picnicking. The temperature is warm enough to enjoy a dip in the lake but not too hot that it becomes uncomfortable.

Additionally, August and June offer stunning scenery with lush greenery surrounding the lake’s pristine waters. This makes for an incredibly picturesque backdrop for photos or simply taking in nature’s beauty.

Visitors can also take advantage of longer days during August and June to spend more time exploring all that Buntzen Lake has to offer. From hiking trails to fishing spots, there is something for everyone at this beautiful location.

Tips for a Great Trip

When planning a trip to Buntzen Lake, there are several things that you can do to ensure an enjoyable experience. Firstly, make sure to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for hiking around the lake. The trails can be rocky and uneven, so sturdy shoes are a must.

Next, bring plenty of water and snacks as there are limited options for food at the park. Consider packing a picnic lunch or stopping by one of the nearby towns before arriving at the lake.

If you’re interested in swimming or kayaking on the lake, be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty and it’s important to stay safe while enjoying these activities.

Lastly, don’t forget your camera! Buntzen Lake offers stunning views of nature with its crystal clear waters surrounded by lush forests. Capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Buntzen Lake FAQ

where is Buntzen lake?

Nestled in the heart of Anmore, British Columbia, Canada lies a hidden gem known as Buntzen Lake.

how deep is Buntzen lake?

The lake has max depth of the water is about

how big is Buntzen lake?

With its surface area spanning over 1.82 km², Buntzen Lake is truly a picturesque sight to behold.

what fish are in Buntzen lake?

Buntzen Lake is home to a diverse range of fish species, including rainbow trout, Colorado pikeminnow, northern pikeminnow, coastal cutthroat trout, and smallmouth bass.

are dogs allowed at Buntzen lake?

Pets allowed at Buntzen Lake!

is Buntzen lake open?

Buntzen Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in British Columbia, is open to public access year-round.

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