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Atlin lake

Atlin Lake

Atlin Lake is located in the breathtaking northwestern part of British Columbia, Atlin Lake is truly a natural wonder. As the largest natural lake in the province, it boasts crystal clear waters that stretch from south to north. The northern tip of Atlin Lake connects with the smaller Little Atlin Lake, providing visitors with even more opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Atlin Lake is a stunning natural wonder that stretches 85 miles long and four miles wide. The glacial-fed lake is located in a vast wilderness valley, surrounded by striking snowcapped mountains that add to its breathtaking beauty. While the southern part part is in the Atlin Provincial Park and Recreational Area, most of its population has settled on its eastern shores.

The crystal-clear waters of Atlin Lake make it an idyllic destination for boating, kayaking, and fishing enthusiasts. The serene atmosphere enveloping it offers visitors an escape from their busy lives into nature’s solace. In addition to water activities, there are plenty of hiking trails around the area that allow hikers to explore the surrounding mountains’ majesty.

Atlin Lake, named by the Tlingit First Nation people of the region, is a true natural wonder. With a surface area of 791 km2 and a maximum depth of 289m, this stunning lake boasts crystal-clear waters that reflect lush forests and rugged mountains. At an elevation of 669m, it is one of the highest lakes in North America. The Atlin River, which drains into the lake, carries water from glaciers along its course before feeding into this pristine body of water. This gives Atlin Lake its unique property: it maintains a nearly constant temperature throughout the year due to its large size and glacial-fed origins.

Atlin Provincial Park and Recreational Area

Nestled along the southern edge of Atlin Lake lies a remote protected area that boasts stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Atlin Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada is a vast expanse covering 301,140 hectares of untouched wilderness. Established in 1973, this park offers visitors an opportunity to explore its rugged terrain and experience the sheer magnitude of nature’s power.

One-third of the park area is occupied by glaciers, making it a unique destination for those seeking adventure amidst breathtaking scenery. The expansive ice fields offer an unforgettable experience as they tower above you, glistening under the sun’s rays. Atlin Provincial Park also serves as home to diverse flora and fauna that thrive within its boundaries. Visitors can expect to encounter grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, lynx and more while exploring the various trails throughout the park.

The park boasts 23 named mountains, with Mount Nesselrode being the highest among them. The most prominent mountain present in the park is Birch Mountain. Visitors can indulge in various activities such as hiking to explore these stunning peaks. Apart from its natural beauty, Atlin Provincial Park also contains three of BC’s 14 biogeoclimatic zones that provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about diverse flora and fauna. You will be amazed at how different ecosystems exist within the same park!

The park boasts several archaeological and cultural sites that are rich in history, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the area. Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled to see various gulls, Arctic terns, blue grouse, and ruffed grouse, among many other species. You’ll need your binoculars to appreciate these beautiful creatures properly. The park also a haven for small animals such as the hoary marmot, Arctic ground squirrel, picas, beavers, and otters. These creatures may be small in size but they play significant roles in maintaining the balance of this ecosystem.

The park is only accessible by boat or aircraft, adding an extra element of adventure to your trip. The park offers numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding landscape, including canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting, and backcountry skiing – depending on the season. There are no staff, facilities, or supplies available within the area. Visitors must come prepared with their own gear and provisions to survive out here as there are no shops or amenities around.

Hiking/Walking Trails in Atlin Lake

There are several hiking trails in Atlin Lake that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an adventurous trek, Atlin Lake has something for everyone.

Monarch Mountain Viewpoint

Trail Length- This is a 6.4-km out-and-back trail that takes on average 3 hour 5 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Hard trail

The Monarch Mountain Viewpoint offers a challenging trail that is perfect for birding, hiking, and snowshoeing all year-round. The well-marked trail takes you through breathtaking views of the majestic blue lake and surrounding mountains. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning scenery.

The terrain can be steep at times, but it’s worth it when you reach the top and take in that unparalleled view. If you visit during winter months, don’t forget to bring your snowshoes – they’ll come in handy on this snowy trek.

Como Bluff Trail

Trail Length- This is a 1.8-km out-and-back trail that takes on average 55 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Moderate trail

The Como Bluff Trail is the perfect hiking choice for those seeking a moderately challenging route with stunning views. The trail offers an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing hikers to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

From May through October, visitors can enjoy the best weather conditions while making their way up this steep and short path. Along the way, one can take in breathtaking panoramas of Atlin Lake and Mount Minto. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, this trail has something for everyone.

The Aurora Loop

Trail Length- This is a 4.2-km out-and-back trail that takes on average 2 hour 15 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Easy trail

The Aurora Loop is a winter wonderland that offers some of the best cross-country skiing and snowshoeing experiences. The route is considered an easy one, which makes it perfect for beginners or those looking for a more leisurely adventure. But don’t let the gentle slopes fool you; there are plenty of stunning views to be enjoyed along the way.

Thrond Gulch Loop

Trail Length- This is a 5.1-km out-and-back trail that takes on average 1 hour 25 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Easy trail

The Thrond Gulch Loop, considered an easy route by experienced hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offers a scenic trek through mixed spruce/fir forest and open pine with sections. This trail is open year-round, making it accessible no matter the season. In winter months when snow blankets the ground, snowshoeing can be enjoyed on this beautiful trail.

Pillman Hill

Trail Length- This is a 5.3-km out-and-back trail that takes on average 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level- Moderate trail

The Pillman Hill trail is the perfect choice for hikers looking for a moderately challenging path with rewarding views. As you trek along the trail, your eyes will feast on beautiful vistas of the Torres Channel, Pine Creek Valley, Monarch Mountain, and Como Lake. With every step you take towards the summit of Pillman Hill, you’ll feel like you’re getting closer to nature’s heart.

Camping in Atlin Provincial Park and Recreational Area

Atlin Provincial Park and Recreational Area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers seven wilderness camping areas, each with its unique charm. These camping areas provide basic toilet facilities to ensure visitors have a comfortable stay. Each camping area offers a unique experience, from stunning lake views to secluded forest surroundings. The tranquility of Atlin Lake makes it perfect for fishing or canoeing, and there are plenty of hiking trails that lead through the park’s rugged terrain.

Fishing in Atlin Lake

Atlin Lake, the largest natural lake in British Columbia, is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Its glacier-fed waters are home to an abundance of fish species, making it one of the best spots for catching Lake Trout, Whitefish and Arctic Grayling.

To make the most out of your fishing experience at Atlin Lake, you need to ensure that you have a valid fishing license as required by law. The summers from mid-June to mid-September offer ideal conditions for fishermen seeking to catch trophy-sized fish. As you cast your line into the glacial turquoise waters surrounded by mountain peaks and wilderness beauty, take in all that nature has to offer. Whether you’re experienced or new to fishing Atlin Lake’s unique environment will provide an unforgettable adventure.

Best Time to Visit

July and May are two of the best months to visit Atlin Lake, offering unique experiences for visitors. In July, the lake is typically at its warmest temperatures, making it perfect for swimming and other water activities. The long days also provide ample opportunities for hiking and exploring the surrounding areas.
May, on the other hand, offers a completely different experience with its cooler temperatures and snow-capped mountain views. This month is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to partake in winter sports such as skiing or snowshoeing.

Tips for a Great Trip

Atlin Lake is a hidden gem nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. If you’re lucky enough to plan a trip here, there are some tips that can make your adventure even better.

Firstly, Atlin Lake is a remote location, so it’s important to plan your trip well in advance. Research the area and decide what activities you want to do before you arrive.
Secondly, be sure to pack warm clothing as the weather can change quickly in Atlin Lake. Layers are key here; bring a waterproof jacket and sturdy hiking boots if you plan on exploring the nearby trails. Speaking of which, don’t forget your camera as there are many photo opportunities of wildlife sightings and breathtaking views.
Thirdly, The area around Atlin Lake is home to many species of wildlife including bears and moose. It’s important to respect their habitat and stay safe by following all recommended precautions.
Lastly, take time to soak up the solitude and beauty that this remote location has to offer. Disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in nature’s wonders while creating memories that will last a lifetime at Atlin Lake!

Atlin Lake FAQ

where is Atlin lake?

Atlin Lake is located in the breathtaking northwestern part of British Columbia, Canada.

how deep is Atlin lake?

The lake has max depth of the water is about 289m.

how big is Atlin lake?

It’s the largest lake in British Columbia, measuring 4 miles wide and 85 miles long.

what fish are in Atlin lake?

Atlin Lake is a popular destination for anglers looking to catch some of the most sought-after fish species in Canada. Among these are lake trout, whitefish, and arctic grayling.

are dogs allowed at Atlin lake?

Luckily, Atlin Lake is pet-friendly

is Atlin lake open?

Atlin Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in British Columbia, is open to public access year-round.

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